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Love Remains. Taking Care of Our Own.

We are missing seeing all of you at the shows, but Rent Party continues to use our platform to help families in need in Maplewood - South Orange through this crisis.

We are inspired by the support the Rent Party Family of musicians have given us, by suggesting that people still make donations to Rent Party and also sharing photos and memories of past shows. It’s clear that you guys miss us just as much as we miss you.

Special thanks to Rebecca Turner and Scott Anthony for passing the hat on their wonderfully whimsical Omnianna show. Thanks to Ed Seifert, who recently shared a brand-new song called “Only Love Remains” and encouraged people to donate to Rent Party.

As this crisis has dragged on, we became increasingly concerned about the musicians who have been at the heart and soul of what we’ve done for 11 years. Our worst fear was realized when we found out that Tony Donato had passed away earlier this week, making it clear how this has affected our community of musicians and why we want so badly to reach out in any way that we can.

With all this in mind, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Love Remains Fund.

Simply put, it’s Rent Party’s way of taking care of their own.

If you are a musician who is part of the Rent Party Family and you are in need, send us a note with your name and address to (Subject: Love Remains) and we will mail you a $100 Stop & Shop gift card, no questions asked, one request per person/address.

We will make these grants available until the Love Remains Fund runs out of dough.

If you want to support the Love Remains Fund, you can make a donation here. This money will only be used to support the Love Remains Fund. If you love live music, please consider making a donation.

Thanks for listening and we appreciate all of your support.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all on the “other side” at the best party in the neighborhood!

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